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Warehouse monitoring systems – cold chain, inventory

16 Oct by admin

Warehouse monitoring systems – cold chain, inventory

Ripples-FMS Warehouse monitoring system

Warehouse monitoring system

Warehouse area size: 600 square meters. 

  • The total area of 800 square meters 
  • Product stored in the warehouse :  HIV rapid tests and self-test kits.
  • Currently storing these items for dispatch to hospitals in Mozambique
  • Product storing temperature: 2°C to 30°C (no cooling system now)
  • Products are imported from Thailand and Zambia
  • Product expiry : 3 to 6 months
  • Warehouse Management Software: Completely manual now.
  • Warehouse management, monitoring & security system needed
  • Location : Maputo, Mozambique

Warehouse monitoring system 

Key benefits to be achieved

  • Improve warehouse operational efficiency
  • Reduce loss of perishable goods using indoor localisation monitoring
  • 24×7 environment monitoring and alerting features
  • Data analytic tools to effectively utilize new insights
  • Batch consolidation for easier and more efficient dispatch of medicines and vaccines
  • Location tracking and movement matrices to improve warehouse space utilisation, worker productivity
  • Customizable report generation in weekly, monthly, and yearly format as required
  • Improve warehouse safety and reduce accidents
  • Track the movement of two forklifts in the loading and unloading bays
  • Earmarking the warehouse storage area into multiple zones of 25 square feet each
  • Low-cost deployment, no cabling or complex infrastructure as the premises is on rent

Scope of work:

  • Deploy a wireless solution in order to help set up a Smart Warehouse management system
  • A blend of Indoor location tracking, warehouse monitoring improves warehouse operational efficiency
  • Environment sensors: They send values pertaining to warehouse temperature and humidity
  • Gateway: Collects data relayed by the anchors and pushes it to a warehouse monitoring system
  • A cloud-based component is used to visualize and interpret data with the help of multiple reports
  • The solution can be used to locate both ‘assets’ and ‘human resources with an high accuracy
  • To detect and provide alerts in case of ‘intruder detection in case of door opens during offline hours
  • Cold chain tracking temperature, humidity, and pressure need to be recorded at 5-minute intervals.
  • Alerts will be initiated if the rule engine is violated and alerts can be:
  • Zone-based monitoring for restricted zones, hazardous zones, etc.
  • Count-based monitoring for a number of loading workers, boxes of medicines stores
  • To integrate with WMS software when required to help offer a more comprehensive solution
  • Implement ‘Grouping’ to enable easier dispatch of consolidated goods (Injection + syringe)
  • Cloud solutions for implementing best practices in warehouse management.
  • Use of Teltonika cold chain traceability with ELA Blue T devices and dashboard