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Warehouse monitoring solutions

Ripples-FMS Warehousing monitoring - temperature, humidity, vehicle counting, occupancy, movement, worker productivity

Warehouse monitoring system

Cargo inventory handling and loading dock, logistics, cold chain, and warehouse monitoring can present their share of challenges in the new normal. But you may be surprised to see how many of them can be solved with a warehouse monitoring system from Ripples-FMS. Warehouse monitoring and logistics operations are cost-effective and responsible ways to gain peace of mind.

Our easy-to-install, ready to deploy solutions can easily combine 24/7 warehouse management for everything from the smooth opening of bay doors to the humidity of machinery to seamless worker counting and truck arrivals.

Installing a warehouse tracking & monitoring kit can improve efficiency. Suppose you’re an inventory control manager, a warehouse supervisor, or a logistics operations manager, and you’ve been searching for relief from manual data logging and operations checking. In that case, Ripples-FMS has the right warehouse productivity enhancement solution for you.

Warehouse vehicle counting

Regular trucks can be fitted with miniature Bluetooth tags which can help in seamless counting of the arrival, departure, and time spent by trucks in the loading and unloading bays.

Warehouse motion & occupancy

Knowing the opening of bay doors, movement of workers, contractors and visitors. Logging attendance of regular employees, learning about their productivity, trigger workplace safety rules.

Warehouse temperature monitoring

Monitoring the temperature inside a warehouse is an important aspect to ensure the safety and longevity of cargo inventory, whether it’s about the hazardous goods, cold chains or perishable goods.

The importance of data analytics in warehouse productivity management

In this new normal world, efficiency, staff productivity, and worker safety aspects play a major role in ensuring superior warehouse management services. Reduce the administrative overheads related to monitoring and tracking physical parameters. New insights for warehouse management best practices – productivity dashboard will help operational managers understand the various choke points such as truck waiting time at bays, cargo inventory not dispatched, regular fall in warehouse temperature, etc. These solutions can be integrated with an existing WMS solution.