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Warehouse management has always been challenging, and trends in logistics management continue to make it harder every day especially in the current uncertain times. Adopting modern warehouse management practices & solutions helps keep inventory movement efficiently through the system, which is a critical factor in serving customers & securing increasing operating margins through improved f warehouse safety & productivity. Logistics management systems bring tighter controls over operations, truck schedules, fleet management including fuel, spares and driver expenses. Faster invoice processing translates to faster payment realisation through fewer errors and integration with logistics accounting software.

Warehouse management digitisation

Warehouse management system benefits

  • Real-time visibility in order processing for customers and workforce.
  • Timely Alerts on various activities like invoices, late payments, and goods conditions using our top warehouse management systems
  • Increased customer satisfaction through self-service portals.
  • Reduce operational overheads and improve overall efficiency in freight forwarding, warehouse and inventory management operations.
  • Optimum accuracy for warehouse invoice entries, reduced errors.
  • Eliminate errors in invoicing through standard rates and user controls.
  • Eliminate paper works and initiates faster invoice processing.
  • Proper checks on invoicing manipulations and fraud in logistics.
  • Complete visibility on outstandings for on-time invoice payment.
  • Effective data coordination with finance & back office.
  • Reduce time taken for picking up goods and tracking equipment.
  • Improve the shelf life of perishable goods. intruder detection alerts. 
  • Improves bonded warehouse productivity, compliance & safety.
  • Read more on the benefits of deploying a warehouse management system.
Ripples-FMS Warehouse management systems

Features of Warehouse Management system

  • Auto suggesting the zones based on the commodity unloaded in the arrival bay to improve management of warehouse
  • Order Received and Proof Of Delivery Management upon arrival of cargo in the warehouse.
  • Warehouse inventory management systems with ageing analysis
  • Integrated Operations. Track movement of cargo from warehouse to customer location.
  • Pre-defined customer rates for invoice generation.
  • Alerts on warehouse demurrage expiry and calculations.
  • Invoice preparation &  settlement against multiple invoices as full or partial payments.
  • Preparing the next day work planning. Workers required based on the loads etc.
  • Paperless invoices with historical data backup with Warehouse Management System
  • Indoor air quality and environment monitoring inside the warehouse.
  • Customer visibility on their warehoused inventory & space booking along with consignment booking.
  • Zone compatibility suggestions like Hazardous cargo need to keep in separately.
  • Track the cargo movement and storage time in each zone.
  • Tracking warehouse forklift, inventory and equipment activity in each storage zone. 

Transport Logistics software solutions – Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Tanzania

Best logistics ERP software for companies to get started with full automation. To reduce errors, and operating costs, improve operational efficiencies, greater controls, and transparency. 

Features of Transport Logistics software

Ready to deploy solutions to fit the needs of small and medium sizes freight forwarders & logistics management companies. A wide range of modules to choose from. Full training, implementation and customisation offered.

This version is cloud-hosted, bundled with a set of standard reports and online training, implementation, helpdesk & technical support. Provision for up to 3 branches, 50 trucks, 2 cargo business models, and 10 concurrent users.

Reports in Logistics ERP software

  • Customer wise Order Details
  • Loads Available Report
  • Cash Book Report
  • Driver Expense Detailed Report
  • Fuel Issue Detailed Report
  • Missing POD Report
  • Missing Truck Deliveries
  • Drop Off Pending Report
  • Demurrage Details Report
  • Trip Control Report
  • Trip Closure Details
  • Driver Bonus Detailed Report
  • Rate not updated Report
  • Invoice not generated Report
  • Trip wise Income & Expense

Logistics Operations management

  • Order Entry & Quotation
  • Truck route Allocation
  • Schedule Full Load Trips, Empty Trips
  • Add Return Load trips
  • Fleet fuel management issues
  • Driver Expense Management
  • Clearance document submission & auto email
  • Loaded Updation & Despatch
  • GPS Tracking or Manual Status Updations
  • Freight demurrage Entries
  • Maintenance Checklist before & after each trip
  • Proof of delivery Management
  • Trip Closing (Deductions & Driver Bonus)
  • Freight Cargo deduction management

Logistics Invoice management

  • Standard Customer Rates
  • Invoice Generation
  • Credit Note issues
  • Additional Cost Invoice
  • Demurrage Confirmation
  • Invoices – Partial & Full
Finance management
  • Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Cashbook & Daily Reports
  • Statistical Reports like Ledger
  • Cashier report
Logistics MIS
  • Revenue Performance
  • Tonnage Performance
  • Daily business summary

Smart warehouse management solutions

Smart warehouse management with inventory trackers and cold chain traceability

  • Real-time warehouse monitoring dashboard to locate people, consignments & fixed assets
  • Track the movement of inventory bins, pallets in storage areas, and time spent in each zone.
  • Track the movement of forklifts, and their usage within the warehouse zones with an accuracy of 2.5 square meters
  • Monitoring the movement of people – worker count, contractors, visitors, and technicians to understand the warehouse workflow.
  • Ensuring that warehouse staff is available when needed. Contact tracking and productivity tracking, including that attendance.
  • Monitoring of indoor temperature, humidity, pressure, the opening of bays, and intruder detection in warehouses
  • Define hazardous zones, go / no-go zones, and restricted entry areas for selected workers. Instant alerts and notifications for corrective actions.
  • Data analytics tools to gain new insights, which help in improving productivity, safety, and compliance in warehouses
  • Different warehouse management software modules to choose from, easy to deploy, online/onsite training & implementation.
  • Implementation of customer invoice portal as part of small business freight forwarding operations.