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7 Apr by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse Logistics automation

Ripples-FMS warehouse logistics management

Warehouse logistics – In a post-Covid 19 era, it is important for warehousing, logistics, and freight forwarding companies to invest in technology, in order to gear up for the competitive new normal world, where efficiencies in internal processes, cost-saving operational models and enhanced customer services will define the growth and survival of companies. Implementing a well-thought warehouse logistics management system should be the need of the hour.

Warehouse logistics management 

Digital solutions play an important part in this new world, where the deployment of technology with new business models will enable customer acquisition at faster rates. Customer portals, online payment gateways, shared inventory storage, light picking are some examples. 

It is important to choose a warehouse logistics management software vendor who has expertise in the business models and implementation expertise in the Africa region. As we are aware, solutions built for European and American regions will not be suited for the African continent. Freight forwarding, logistics companies in Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Botswana have different challenges and the nature of goods and model of transportation also varies.

The digital maturity assessment of your logistics organization will play an important role in crafting the success of your digital initiative. In countries such as Mozambique, the logistics movement happens from Beira port to the rest of the countries. In landlocked countries such as Botswana, the movement is entirely by air rail or road transportation.

Although cloud-based solutions are widely being adopted, the lack of local hosting facilities hinders quick adoption. Hybrid models of freight forwarding software, warehouse operations, and small business logistics management software solutions are best suited for these regions, wherein the sensitive business information is stored on local serves, and customer-centric functions such as logistics portal, etc can be deployed on the cloud. This site is for recommendations on logistics industry trends.

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