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Smart warehouse solutions

18 Oct by admin

Smart warehouse solutions

Improving space utilisation, safety, staff productivity & reducing theft The smart warehouse solutions, for which the operational area can be indoor mapped into measurement zones of 2.5 x 2.5 square meters each.  Using indoor tracking analytics,  operational managers will be able to gain new insights on warehouse management, which will lead to increased efficiency, staff […]
16 Oct by admin

Warehouse monitoring systems – cold chain, inventory

Warehouse monitoring system Warehouse area size: 600 square meters.  The total area of 800 square meters  Product stored in the warehouse :  HIV rapid tests and self-test kits. Currently storing these items for dispatch to hospitals in Mozambique Product storing temperature: 2°C to 30°C (no cooling system now) Products are imported from Thailand and Zambia […]
8 Oct by admin

Tracking in warehouses using Indoor positioning system

Use of indoor tracking in Warehouses As the pandemic had crawled upon the whole world like a leach, it is leaving behind its marks forever for the entire population of humanity. It wasn’t just the living beings who had to go through the demise of their loved and dear ones, but also the businesses who […]
8 Jul by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse logistics business strategy

Logistics Business Strategy A business can set foot on its journey towards digital transformation only if they are agile and flexible enough to be ready towards molding their business strategy. The rule applies to the logistics industry as well, more relevant at the time of uncertainties that we are experiencing due to the prolonged pandemic […]
21 Jun by WarehouseLogistics

Transport logistics operations & digital maturity

Digitisation in Transport Logistics Operations As the world moves towards Industry 4.0, developing countries are yet to embrace the already existing digital technologies in their operation. Operations play a key role in any industry. Operations mixed with digital technology could develop into your organisational competitive advantage in the market. Knowing the current level of digital […]
14 Jun by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse management digitisation

Building a digital warehouse business Developing other assets, but forgetting the most important one, employees, would be a significant mistake to commit in the warehouse management digitisation transformation journey. Moving towards digital technologies in logistics requires you first to make sure that your workforce knows how to operate the currently deployed customer portal, as an […]
9 Jun by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse digital maturity

Warehouse management Digital maturity in Africa For an industry like transportation and logistics in Africa region, which is information-intensive and highly data-driven, if not meticulously organized, then could become a liability instead of an asset. In the process of digital transformation of the business through disruption, it is first required to look at your capabilities […]
1 Jun by WarehouseLogistics

Benefits of warehouse management

Traditional benefits of warehouse management software would typically include functions such as invoice management, inventory tracking, goods inward and outward register, Truck arrival and departure log, contract rate management, demurrage calculator, POD management, employee and contractor records, etc. Our offerings help in reducing costs, improving compliance, customer self service and avoiding risks. Benefits of warehouse […]
31 May by WarehouseLogistics

Warehousing & sharing economy

The warehousing business world has changed from the process of business-centric to a customer-centric point of view. Similarly, transportation and logistics companies, and heavy data handling companies have entered the concept of sharing economy, the smooth working of which requires digitization as an essential aspect of their businesses. Warehousing in the era of Sharing Economy […]
26 May by WarehouseLogistics

Customer experience in warehouse

Customer Experience in warehouse logistics  Customer experience is one of the five elements of the digital maturity model, which means, as stated by Deloitte, providing an experience where customers view the organization as their digital partner using their preferred channels of interaction to control their connected future on and offline. Customer Experience in warehouse logistics […]