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Optimize your transport logistics management from Ripples-FMS. Capturing the essence of warehouse management best practices

Ripples TMS - Transport Management software

AfCFTA, for example, is a trade enabler that requires seamless information flow between different countries doing businesses together, the need for transport management software becomes important. A ready-to-deploy freight logistics ERP & warehouse management software package is key to the time-bound deployment of business automation tools.  There is a need for close handholding to manage the change from manual to automated systems, to train the staff, monitoring the progress, making required tweaks to suit local business needs, etc

Ripples FMS - Transport management software, freight logistics management software

Receive Bids

Get spot bids from clients online leading to transparency and cost-efficient negotiation.
100% Audit compliance with analytics and reports on performance and past records.

Related features in FMS
  • FMS Customer order quotation can be integrated with the transporter’s website or customer
    portal to receive online bids.
  • Order Quotation related reports for analytics

Make an Informed Decision

Detailed reports and analytics through easy to use interface help you take an informed

Historical trends enable cost-saving.

Related features in FMS
  • Analytical reports and MIS dashboard


From customer order to invoicing, go from track & trace to multi-dimensional visibility with transport management software

Related features in FMS
  • Fully integrated modules

Vehicle tracking intelligence

With accurate ETAs, Overspeed, and vehicle idle alerts, automatic demurrage alerts, the TMS is now smarter.

Related features in FMS
  • Integration with GPS and calculate demurrage and email alerts on Overspeed and Vehicle idling

Increased efficiency in cargo delivery

For completing a large volume of client orders, use the TMS instant email capability to transmit clearance papers directly to agents, as well as the automatic tracking progress updates to customers.

Related features in FMS
  • Instant E-mail feature for Sending Pre – clearance documents to clearing agent’s email
  • Automatic E-mail feature for Sending shipment status to Customer’s email


Transport management software ecosystem Integrations include biometrics, telematics, sensors, Whatsapp, and digital payments

Related features in FMS
  • Integration with Biometric machines, GPS, RFID Tags, and MPesa


Driver app that supports fuel and expense request creations, weather condition alerts, and proof of delivery.

Self-service portal for customers that supports Track InTransit Trips in real-time map view, CRM, Chat with staff, Documents, and tasks management.

Related features in FMS
  • Driver Application
  • Customer portal

Ripples-FMS Transportation Management software

More trip completions in same period of time
Faster initiation of trips will result in more trips being completed in same period of
Increased Revenue per truck
With complete visibility of truck capacity, you average revenue per truck would be
increased. Visibility on empty truck load will leads to revenue generation.
No missing out on quotes
Proper quotation management system helps to generate revenue.

Fuel Theft
With the Fuel module, you can monitor your fuel usage. It prevents theft by drivers
and local public.
Invoice completion
Timely invoice completions result in timely payment along with customer portal’s
alert system. – 97% invoice completion in a FY.
Workshop Visibility
Tyre Usage monitoring – prevents tyre theft. Timely Re-order level alerts help to
reduce the unwanted delays and expenses.
Save Time
MIS – automatically generated reports are available for key decision making.
Feedback through customer portal and timely alerts will reduce the transporters
owned expenses.
Asset Management
Reports that provide insights on underperforming trucks based on its maintenance
cost v/s revenue generation.
Saving money on fines
With alerts being sent about expiry of documents, fines charged on the way reduced,
hence able to save money.
Enhances Decision making
Offers key insights from reports including customer outstanding, cost center analysis,
department wise profitability, and pending payments.
Saving money on Human Resources
Our solution ensures automation of all major works resulting in effective utilization of
employees and reduces cost overheads.

A versatile self-service portal which handles customer queries and automated
process flows ensures improved peace of mind for employees.
Easy data management
No time wastage in switching between different excel sheets to bring inferences, MIS
dashboard feature produces reports on customised KPIs.
Remote Working/ Work From Home
Our flexible solution helps handle the date to day works from office or outside office
for ensuring business continuity.
Customers can track their consignment information from anywhere on the globe at
any time.

Reduced Internal Fraud
Various kinds of control and multiple approval system help to reduce internal
fraudulent activities and ensure the smooth running of operations.
Driver ranking system helps to identify the problematic drivers.
Check-list of documents required before trip initiation
Alerts on document expiry of the vehicle as well as the drivers would be sent, hence
the number of fines on the way would be reduced – 5% reduction in road fines.

Multi-Currency accounting practices
Easy to handle multi currencies in day to day operations.
Enhanced transparency
Transparency will be increased both with employees as well as customers.

  • Centralized invoice system
  • Automatic uploading of data from one module to another
  • Full tracking of cargo in transit

Early adopters (considering in Africa, logistics companies are still using excel.)

  • Automated population of data
  • Human Resource management
  • Asset management

Enhanced Customer Services
Our comprehensive self-service portal plays a key role to retain and acquire
Lesser Frauds
Prevents – 

  • Fuel theft
  • Tyre theft
  • Internal Frauds

Ripples FMS Transport management software

Cloud available and fully integrated transport management ERP solution for freight forwarders. Reshape your Freight Forwarding activities to meet your business growth. Warehouse management with inventory trackers and cold chain traceability. Ready to deploy, cloud-enabled ERP software for Transportation, Freight Forwarding, warehouse, and equipment rental services. 

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