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Tracking in warehouses

Ripples-FMS - indoor tracking in warehouses

Use of indoor tracking in Warehouses

As the pandemic had crawled upon the whole world like a leach, it is leaving behind its marks forever for the entire population of humanity. It wasn’t just the living beings who had to go through the demise of their loved and dear ones, but also the businesses who went through probably one of the worst phases in a business life cycle. Warehouse & logistics among all was the worst-hit industry.

Companies saw an increase in internal fraud, the lethargy of employers as they move back to everyday life, increased theft of inventory, compromises on ethical behavior, and many more detrimental issues.

Overall, cargo theft from warehouses increased by 25% amidst Covid 19 all over the world. As India saw the highest number of cargo theft (67% of all Asian Countries) in the year 2020, with warehouse theft dominating the list according to the BSI and TT group cargo theft report, South African logistics dominated the African region is witnessing a growing number of internal fraud and theft from facilities.

As stated by the CEO of WHO concerning the havoc created by Covid 19, “To win a soccer match, it is not enough to defend; you also have to attack,” we have also observed the emerging trends in warehouse inventory theft and have developed software for indoor tracking warehouses to protect the cargo in warehouses and to enhance the working in warehouses to eliminate the issue of employee lethargy. It would rather keep them engaged in handling the technology more efficiently and productively.

The ware will align with the standards and compliance of your needs with indoor tracking in warehouses and enhance the facility’s safety.  Curious to know how!? We will tell you!

Safety in the warehouse industry
Just in Time Inventory & Warehouse Management: –

Using the Digital Twin in logistics model, cargo location could be monitored with up to 2.5m accuracies. Inventory (bin, pallet, carton, trolley) movements like entering or leaving the warehouse would send an alert to the operations team, that he could access using the mobile app. Thus, the scope of leaving the cargo unattended at the entry/exit will be reduced, hence reducing the chances of theft in the warehouse, at the door of the facilities (A growing trend in South Africa amidst pandemic situations).

Real-Time warehouse Information:

The dashboard would reflect the real-time data; hence employers will be able to see the real-time location and environmental parameters of the cargo stored in the warehouses. Even the slightest of the movements in the inventory from its original position can be configured to send alerts to the assigned operations manager, which would help react faster to the cargo theft.

Worker movement in warehouses:

With the help of the shop floor maps, managers would know if an unauthorized or unwanted person is entering the restricted area. This will help in tracking objects, monitoring, and controlling internal fraud.Grouping of objects in warehouses:

Authorized users will be able to access the warehouse indoor tracking dashboard to monitor the movements of inventory and workers, a term referred to as grouping, internal frauds will be reduced as tampering of data, exposing confidential information, etc will not be possible. In case it happens, then tracking to the root case would become easier.

Standards in the warehouse industry
Data Representation using indoor tracking analytics

New insights on warehouse monitoring operating parameters, related to the movement of people, forklifts, inventory, assets bring opportunities to optimize, reduce costs, enhance productivity, reduce risks and adhere to compliances. Users have the option of unique customization for the representation of the data. It could be represented in various forms like visual and quantitative representation.

Compliance in the warehouse industry
 Warehouse indoor Tracking and monitoring using beacons:

Ripples-FMS Indoor the health of cargo stored in facilities using asset tracking hardware like Warehouse inventory tags to keep track of their movements.

Different types of beacons include –

  • Asset tags that are used for tracking workforce and cargo are stored in facilities using the G sensors.
  • Mini Robust Tag is used to detect an intruder’s involvement, like opening or closing of doors using the G sensor.
  • Multi-sensor is used to monitor the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity & pressure in the warehouse storage area

Solutions for indoor tracking in warehouses can enhance your workforce productivity, reduce internal fraud and cargo theft, and enhance safety measures at the workplace without compromising on ethicality. 

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