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10 Apr by WarehouseLogistics

On time, within budget

Ripples-FMS Digital transformation solutions for warehouse management

Deployment of warehouse automation solutions

Let us face the facts, 60% of the digital transformation solution deployments globally are not completed on time. 30% of the projects are abandoned. Look at the costs associated due to project over runs – Lack of management buy-in, improper staff training, lack of skilled workforce, no project planning, vendor hand-holding are some of the culprits.

Digital Transformation in warehouse refers to the use of control systems, machinery, and software to enhance operations efficiency. It usually applies to the processes that must be performed in a logistics warehouse or distribution center, which requires minimal human intervention. Some of the benefits of automation logistics are improved customer service, scalability and speed, organizational control, and reduced mistakes.

Invest in an Inventory Management System

Lack of accountability, inventory audit, improper stacking, pilferage, damages are some reasons to consider the investment.

Implement at the Right Time

Keeping timing in mind when exploring warehouse automation implementation is an important factor in avoiding issues and downtime that can cost your warehouse time and money
At times, it is too easy to ignore inefficiencies or duplication functions in warehouse processes because of reasons like “that’s the way it’s been done here” or “it’s just the way we do it here.”

If you are looking into, or are currently in, the process of incorporating digital transformation into your warehouse, consider taking a deep dive into each step of your operation and flagging anything that seems out of place, or unnecessary.

Ensure a time-bound implementation with a fixed budget before you get started with the digital transformation process. Ensure buy-in from top management and project leaders to ensure a smooth transition.

Audit and Adjust Your Systems and Processes Regularly

As mentioned in an earlier post, an audit in logistics is important to ensure that processes and practices are strictly followed by all members of the team.

Organize Data with Digital Transformation Technologies before Moving to Automation

Most logistics automation processes and machinery rely on digital data. Any silos of manual data processing should be identified and run through a logistics digital transformation before expecting your warehouse automation solutions to run smoothly while using it.

Invest in Efficient Energy

Deploying energy-efficient monitoring – intelligent lighting systems, equipment power audits, usage of natural lighting, solar power, recycling water.

Clean and Organize Your Warehouse

As the saying goes, “A clean warehouse is a happy warehouse.” Clean and organized is what your smart warehouse should be before expecting warehouse automation solutions, like automated pickers, to move safely and efficiently through the environment.

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