Warehouse management trends in Africa

20 May by Logistics

Warehouse management trends in Africa

Insights on Warehouse management

Warehousing, supply chain logistics, just-in-time inventory management, farm to fork logistics, eCommerce warehouses, mobile warehouses, Cellular IoT, Indoor positioning, Robotics process automation, Digital twin, IoT platform. It is a maze out there, often difficult for logistics companies to choose the right and affordable path towards digitization. Freightlogisticsonline.com attempts to suggest warehouse management solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain and low on ownership costs.

Insights on warehouse management

Warehouse productivity, safety norms

Productivity is the cornerstone of any smart warehouse, and it starts with the ability to manage the storage area in a scientific manner. How quickly can Locating inventory pallets be accomplished to achieve just-in-time inventory levels.

Locating Forklifts in the warehouse is another area where improvement can be introduced, say in an operation that has 50 forklifts, their current location, the path traversed, operator name, utilization, safety violations, accidents, and breakdowns.

Worker safety has and will remain a key aspect for any business and it is no different in logistics. Covid19 pandemic required Physical distancing and contact tracing to meet statutory norms.

 Forward & backward integration in warehouses

In an ideal shared economy model, it is often necessary to evolve into a transparent and real-time organization, providing customers and suppliers with information when needed, at their convenience. Deploying a shared economy logistics customer portal could be a way forward for warehouses to stay competitive in this disruptive era.

Examples. ABC equipment is an electronics manufacturing company that uses our warehouse space to store their production inventory kits. If the warehouse business is able to provide them with real-time information on the component arrivals, kit fulfillment, and kit dispatches, the customer will benefit immensely in their production planning process, as a value-added service.

Similarly, on the supply side, the manufacturer of components will have access to purchase orders, which can be matched with unfulfilled kits waiting for the production scheduling. This in turn will help the component supplier to plan their dispatch schedules accordingly

The digital era is here for warehouse management

With the advent of the consumer internet, mobile phones, governments enabling digital highways, digital-savvy millennials, and boom in online shopping, last-mile fulfillment, and work from home trends, the eCommerce industry has been showing an upward tick for the last few years.

In order to support a robust back-office operation, the eCommerce stores have to invest in just-in-time inventory, distribution, tracking, dispatch, arrivals, proper storage, stacking safety, worker safety, temperature-controlled zones – all of which run on lean business models. Highest of performance at the lowest possible cost – often termed as value innovation.

The key question to be asked from these insights on warehouse management is –  what is your digital maturity of your organisation


The Author brings over 30 years of experience in building digital automation and transformation solutions for the supply chain logistics and warehousing industries.

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