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8 Apr by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse technology

Ripples-FMS Warehouse technology trends

warehouse technology trends

One of the industries that accelerated in the year 2020 is modern warehouse logistics, where eCommerce accelerated the technology adoption of intelligent warehouses to suit the demands and needs of the growing eCommerce industry. Can you afford to fall behind these trends?

Traditional warehouses had to gear up to meet the growing needs of online buyers. The Covid-19 fuelled hypergrowth in the eCommerce sector due to consumers buying goods for daily consumption. The trend is likely to affect the sales of retail stores, where physical distancing norms and lockdowns or restriction of movement in the metro regions. It is important to keep track of warehouse technology trends, in order to provide superior customer services at lower costs.

The expanding global warehouse footprint  along with the rise of fulfillment centres, will require a 50 percent increase in staffing by 2025. Piece-picking orders are far more labour-intensive as compared with palletized distribution centres.

Together with the challenges presented by COVID-19, competition for labour has been tight in some markets. This is where warehouse automation projects to facilitate the increased volumes and decreased delivery times have surged. eCommerce logistics warehouses are the future of supply chain logistics and no business owner can ignore the opportunities which lie ahead. Digital transformation in logistics is the way forward.

Improving the productivity in warehouses became a matter of importance. Closely monitoring the bins, cartons that carried inbound inventory, proper stacking and safe storage of goods, ensuring security, normal enviroment conditions and finally, ensuring just in time inventory management for an optimised warehouse model.

In an earlier post, we had written about the importance and need of deploying freight logistics automation solutions. eCommerce solutions that are integrated with warehouse technology trends in operations will provide greater visibility for cold chain monitoring, inventory picking, workplace safety, physical distancing, asset tracking as in forklifts, trolleys etc.

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