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9 Apr by WarehouseLogistics

Warehouse self service

Ripples-FMS Digital Customer portal self service solutions in warehouses

Most warehouse logistics companies provide limited online services. Only 6 percent of the largest ocean carriers and freight forwarders have end-to-end online booking capabilities. Some 38 percent of the former and 5 percent of the latter do not even offer online quotes, while most of those that do merely log an online request for a quote, which has to be followed up by email or a phone call, often a day or more later.

Digital self service in warehouses

It costs a retail bank more when a customer visits to encash a cheque or request for a demand draft or deposit payments. Whereas online banking systems, ATM machines, and cash deposit machines have made it easier for retail customers to get personal transactions done at their convenience. The adoption of technology has enabled banks to depend less on human resources, lower the cost of transactions, reduced real estate space, lower back office activities.  At the same time, allowed banks to expand their personal banking services across the length and breadth of many geographies. Thanks to digital self service technology that provided a win win scenario for all in the banking ecosystem.

Digital self service in warehouse logistics

We have seen traditional systems over the years, providing online inquiries on the status of cargo booked from point A to point B. You type in the waybill number and the results are shown on your tablet or smartphone device. Date of dispatch, arrival time, Transit hours, number of packages, freight charges, etc. 

With the help of Digital self-service in warehouse logistics, the possibilities are endless, to offer information and services to your loyal customers, at their convenience. Freeing a lot of your back-office resources, time in searching for documents, coordinating with branch offices, etc.

Digital self service in logistics can take a leap forward by providing value-added information such as the transit information, storage location and environment of the shipment, the inventory count scheduled for dispatch, production-related raw material fulfillment, etc. Read about the benefits of warehouse management.

This apart, your logistics partner network can be given secure access to truck trip schedules, account statements, special offers, invoice copies, proof of delivery note, etc which will further reduce the burden on your back-office resources.

Cost reduction, improved internal efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and a greater level of competitive advantage being the true benefits of deploying digital self-service in warehouses & logistics. In an earlier article, we had written about eCommerce warehouses.

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