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Digital maturity

Warehouse logistics industry  - digital maturity index

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of economies across the Asia Pacific. As the region grapples with the outbreak of COVID-19, SMBs have become increasingly reliant on technology to continue to service their customers and sustain their business. Cisco’s 2020 Asia Pacific SMB Digital Maturity Study shows that nearly 70 percent of SMBs across the region are accelerating their digitalization in response to COVID-19.


Providing an experience where customers view the organization as their digital partner using their preferred channels of interaction to control their connected future on and offline


Focuses on how the business transforms or operates to increase its competitive advantage through digital initiatives; it is embedded within the overall business strategy


Underpins the success of digital strategy by helping to create, process, store, secure and exchange data to meet the needs of customers at low cost and low overheads


Executing and evolving processes and tasks by utilizing digital technologies to drive strategic management and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness

Digital maturity in the logistics industry
  • Are your regular customers willing to accept new ways of preparing truck requests through a fully secure customer portal?
  • Can a pricing system for cold chain inventory distribution be linked to delivery and temperature threshold in your geography?
  • Designing an appraisal system for warehouse workers linked to inventory loading & unloading efficiencies
  • The intensity of training required in your organization to get started with a digital transformation initiative
  • Are you aware of emerging business models in logistics eCommerce? And have a task force in place to assess the business feasibility.
  • How much authenticity would your customers in the electronic manufacturing industry give you, if you are to share just in time warehouse inventory count on a real-time basis?
Organisation & culture
Defining and developing an organizational culture with governance and talent processes to support progress along the digital maturity curve, and the flexibility to achieve growth and innovation objectives. These include Leadership & Governance., Organisational Design & Talent Management & Workforce Enablement. (Source – Deloitte)


The Author brings over 30 years of experience in building digital automation and transformation solutions for the supply chain logistics and warehousing industries.

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