Benefits of warehouse management system

1 Jun by Logistics

Benefits of warehouse management system - Benefits of deploying warehouse management system.

Traditional warehouse management systems and software solutions would typically include functions such as invoice management, inventory tracking, goods inward and outward register, Truck arrival and departure log, contract rate management, demurrage calculator, POD management, employee and contractor records, etc.

In an earlier post, we had written about the trends in warehouse management for the Africa region. In this article, we focus on the benefits of deploying a modern warehouse management system. Some of the factors to consider while deriving the benefits of deploying a warehouse management system.

Getting More for less in warehouse management

How do I enable more throughput and productivity from my existing warehouse facility, without adding space or manpower resources?

  • Improving on truck loading and unloading times
  • Reduce delays in locating warehouse inventory pallets
  • Ensuring availability of workers for movement of goods
  • Tracking forklifts for efficiency and ensuring workplace safety
  • Faster preparation of invoices and related back-office operations
  • Ensuring that warehouse storage space utilization is optimized
  • Stacking warehouse inventory based on orders for easy sort for dispatches
  • Ascertaining availability of storage spaces to ease truck unloading.
Warehouse management and reducing operational expenses

Will digital automation help reduce the cost of operating warehouses

  • Energy management, ensuring lights are switched off when no workers
  • Separation of hazardous goods from others to prevent fire and spoilage
  • Ensuring safe movement and work environment for workers and contractors
  • Timely repairs and preventive maintenance for warehouse equipment
  • Ensuring that storage space is well protected from intruders to avoid theft
  • Customer self-service solutions to ease the workload at the back office
  • Building frequently asked questions for customers and staff
  • Applying Activity Based Costing based on zones in warehouses.
Regulatory compliances in warehouses
  • Ensuring Worker and contractor safety
  • Fire and natural calamities
  • Storage compliances for vaccines, medicines
  • Physical distancing, keyman safety
  • Due diligence on trucks and drivers
Peace of mind for warehouse managers and owners
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to timely delivery of goods
  • Sharing economy model adds value to customer operations
  • Reduction in logistics related theft and accounting frauds
  • Gain competitive advantage, value-added services

These are some of the benefits of deploying a warehouse management system in your logistics operations. We would like to hear from you on factors which can enhance logistics business and reduce the operating expenses.


The Author brings over 30 years of experience in building digital automation and transformation solutions for the supply chain logistics and warehousing industries.

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