Transport logistics ERP software & warehouse management system

Ripples - Logistics Management Suite
  • Ripples - Logistics Management Suite

    Ready to deploy, cloud-enabled ERP software for Transportation, Freight Forwarding, warehouse, and equipment rental services.

  • Ripples - Transport Management Solution

    Addressing the pain points of transport companies and helping to improve operational efficiencies.

  • Ripples - Freight Management Solution

    Cloud available and fully integrated ERP solution for freight forwarders. Reshape your Freight Forwarding activities to meet your business growth.

  • Ripples - Warehouse Management Solution

    Smart warehouse management with inventory trackers and cold chain traceability

Logistics Management Suite

An integrated web-based solution fulfills the needs of freight management, road transport organizations, freight forwarders, warehouses, and rental equipment companies.

Core Solutions

Ripples - Logistics Management Suite - Core Solutions

Ripples TMS

Transport Management Software

Ripples-TMS is a fully integrated Web/Cloud available Transportation Management Solution built to help large, medium, and small transport business companies. We help transport companies modernize their operations, simplify back-office activities, get real-time insights and bring about better control over the transport business with minimal additional resources.

Ripples FMS

Freight Management System

Ripples Freight Forwarding Management Software is a comprehensive web/cloud-based solution designed to standardize and automate the operations of freight forwarding companies by incorporating the industry’s global best practices.

Ripples WMS

Warehouse Management Solution

Ripples WMS offers Real-time visibility in order processing for customers and the workforce. Timely Alerts on various activities like invoices, late payments, and goods conditions using our top warehouse management systems. Reduce operational overheads and improve overall efficiency in warehouse management operations.

Ripples ERMS

Equipment Rental Management Solution

Ripples ERMS helps to track the effective utilization of equipment renting out (Daily and hourly) as well as the skill laborers' expenses vs income calculations.

Complementary solutions in logistics management


MIS dashboard

Our Management Information System is a one-shot solution that caters to the changing business intelligence demands of the transport and freight forwarding industry. The dashboard is equipped with real-time transport and freight forwarding analytics and quick reporting capabilities. The integrated system aids decision-makers to identify the weakest links in the supply chain and initiate cost-saving actions.


HR management

By using our HR Management Solution you can reduce your payroll preparation time by 70%. KPI reports give a clear indication of employee performance and productivity. Our solution coordinates core operational and HR activities. Manage and monitor staff training programs (internal & external).



Our Finance Management Solution can give you the full picture of the financial health of your organization. Our Finance module helps streamline the financial aspects, and efficiently handle multi-currency accounting practices. Key business insights from reports, including customer outstanding, cost center analysis, balance sheet, pending payments, etc.

Customer Portal

Logistics Customer Portal

The Customer Portal Solution is a self-service tool for the customers of logistics and transportation companies to get updates on their shipments and services. This will helps in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Access to status reports such as pending orders, payments, transit status, etc.

Stores & Workshops

Stores & Workshops

Our Stores and Workshop solution ensures the smooth functioning of your workshop operations. This is a comprehensive management solution to monitor your stock flow. We ensure structured methods to control the stock purchase and issues across the branches. The multi-level purchase approval system brings complete transparency and eliminates malpractices.


Claims & Insurance

As part of our solution, we offer extensive claims and insurance software for freight forwarding and transportation companies. Supported by advanced monitoring technologies, the module has well-defined procedures to track and record accidents, thefts, vehicle damages, etc.

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